Why Do You Want To Lose Weight (Or to be more precise,Fat) ?


There are many,many good arguments why we should look after ourselves by keeping an eye on our body weight and,of course, reasons vary considerably from one person to another as to why we must lose weight AND how this can be done in the shortest time and with the most efficient method/means available.

For now,let’s consider our motive for wanting to lose weight.There are many and diverse motives – just like human beings !

Before continuing on this theme,take 30 seconds and jot down your primary reason or reason/s for wanting to lose weight and then compare it to the list below sent by a subscriber. Then read below about the 9  I describe in this blog post.


Since there are many different reasons for wishing to lose weight signifies that it is a very personal issue.However,feedback from readers ALWAYS includes the ‘health factor’ as a popular motive for weight loss.Excessive weight is associated with many health problems and it is perhaps your motivation for visiting this website. (Welcome Again!).

Losing weight in order to regain your ‘ideal’ weight is very similar to giving up a bad habit such as smoking.It’s not easy and requires a commitment from the individual which of course requires setting realistic goals and making sacrifices, ie going beyond your comfort zone. That is what we strive to help you do but make it as enjoyable as possible so that you can see and ‘feel’ the positive results you are achieving.



This is obvious. We all want to feel good inside and look good on the outside. In terms of popularity,this came a not-to-distant second to health in terms of motivation for losing weight.

As subscribers to our ‘Borromeo’ know full well, people (adults and juveniles alike) who are perceived as fat or obese are regularly subjected to a all forms of abuse and discrimination throughout their lives, personal as well as professional. Needless to say,the excessive media attention and fascination particularly directed to actors,actresses and fashion models many of whom are abnormally slim, significantly increases the adverse stigma derogatory stereotypes associated with being overweight or obese. Hence the pressure particularly placed on the younger generation to be slim is greater since this is portrayed as a good looking.



According to the International Journal of Obesity, physical movement such as working AND walking is much easier for individuals with ‘normal’ weight compared to those who have excess weight ie fat to be precise. Hence,this excess weight can be considered a limiting factor which ,if shed (or at least reduced), will noticeably improve the performances of the overweight/obese person in their day to day activities and also reduce the struggle in completing tasks such as climbing a flight of stairs.



Certainly a popular motive for losing weight – especially amongst our female subscribers !

Most people with excess weight have many demoralizing and frustrating experiences when it comes to getting their prefered clothes to wear not least because clothing manufacturers supply their merchandise in a specific range of sizes which does not take into account those individuals with larger size requirements. Hence, these persons will often have to make special orders which more often than not is time-consuming as well as costly. In addition, the end product does not always bring satisfaction due to mis-fitting and/or discomfort.

It is for this reason that losing weight is an absolute necessity for many who take their wardrobe content seriously in order to promote self-esteem and confidence in public.



If you are overweight or obese but content with your life it is a sign that you do not lack personal self-esteem and confidence.The converse is also true.It is a sad reflection on society that in this day and age that overweight and obese persons are frowned upon especially when their condition through no fault of their own. Individuals conscious of their state are therefore more than likely to lack self-esteem and be low in confidence. Consequently they are less likely to believe in themselves and/or what they can actually achieve. This lack of self-esteem and confidence affects their ability and desire to socialize – making friends and future career opportunities become limited.



This correlates well with self -esteem and confidence. Lack of these manifests itself in stress and depression. To avoid this,many individuals seek activities which are guaranteed to help them combat  their overweight issues provided they persue their activity in the right manner and on a regular,planned basis.Yoga is no doubt one of the most popular disciplines that can help individuals improve their mental health as well as physical health by weight loss.



Another common reason for losing weight is to improve and enhance personal relationships. Many people recount experiences from the past and present as to how and why social and personal relationships improved AND deteriorated as a result of health problems caused by being or becoming overweight took hold.

It follows on from this that on a the whole, individuals who knew they were overweight/obese felt they were less attractive and hence appealing to their opposite sex. A good marriage and sex life should not,at least in theory,be hampered because you and/or your partner have a serious overweight issue.However, it does. This ironically can be used as a motivational factor to lose weight.




Anybody wants to look their best at important social occasions such as Christmas/New Year celebrations and wedding functions. Many a person has declined invitations to these social events on account of their fear of embarrassing themselves or being isolated on account of their excessive weight.It should be mentioned also that just getting an invitation is an achievement for somebody who is obese.

Therefore, the desire to lose weight to avoid this embarrassment and accompanying disappointment is great even more so if one is keen on making new friends and relationships.



For obvious reasons,during the warm summer season we wear fewer clothes and depending on one’s personal preferences,this will leave parts of our body exposed. Nothing can be  more embarrassing and/or depressing than to expose the excess fat that you are carrying, for example belly fat. So the motivation to lose weight before you go on your summer vacations – which invariably involves travelling – is high. As mentioned previously, self-esteem and confidence will contribute to this motivation.


Almost all of us will try to lose weight at some point during our lives; whether it is for health reasons or simply to look better at a social event, the  objective is the same. Weight loss is such a complex area and there is ALWAYS conflicting evidence on-line, in health shops, at health clinics and institutions and from friends and family.

It can be hard to know which advice is best to follow and which behaviour really will help you lose weight. Often without realizing, we are actually engaging in self-defeating behaviours which will only make it harder to lose weight in the long-run.

Self-defeating behaviours are those that prevent you from reaching your goal, in this case, losing weight. It could be that they actually cause you to put on weight, or,at best, simply to stay as you are. Either way, they are not helping you achieve your goal of weight loss.

We sincerely hope that as you read the contents of our website you will consider the realistic opportunity we offer you to combat your overweight problem so that the results achieved are satisfying and permanent.


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