Why Child Obesity in America is high

The reason why child obesity in America is high is because of fast food restaurants, unhealthy foods in the stores, and also the temperament of the child. We know of many mothers who struggle with this. They bring their seven year old child to the store and when their child wants a bag of their favorite potato chips, they begin to cry because the mother does not want them eating this junk food. After a few moments of crying, the mother becomes embarrassed and also guilty of not letting her child have what they want. They end up giving in and buying the bag of potato chips for the child. The issue is that the child is learning of a way to manipulate and get what they want.

Now, you should know that child obesity in America isn’t the fault of the parents. The parents always want to see their children happy and discipline can be difficult in this sense. However, there are some parents who have locked up all goodies in the pantry. The issue is that their kids are being served unhealthy foods at other places such as school. Have you ever looked at the school menu? Fattening macaroni and cheese plus a bag of chips can really pack on extra calories. If you want to protect your child from obesity, make them a meal to bring to school.

There are other situations where the child can be addicted to sweet foods. If you bring them over to Grandma’s house for the week and go on a vacation, you’ll probably come back to a child who is much heavier than they were before. Child obesity in America sometimes cannot be changed because of the people children are around, their surroundings, and how they respond to discipline. It is important to let the family and the child’s school that you want your child to eat healthy. This is the only way you can help your child get over this.

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