What Is Moderation ?

Moderation is not a sacrifice….It is a Compromise

 Moderation is a powerful tool, which can really help you achieve your fitness goals and, of course,  keep your weight at a desired level. People generally tend to see moderation as some kind of harsh sacrifice that completely changes the way they enjoy their favorite foods. However,that is not the case. On the contrary, introducing moderation to your diet usually leads to greater enjoyment of your favorite snacks or treats.

Moderation is the opposite of deprivation and goes a long way to promote sustaining healthy lifestyle habit changes that leads to permanent weight loss.

In a way, you can use moderation as an award for following your weight loss program, or achieving a certain fitness goal on schedule. That tasty food you indulge in once in a while can become a motivator that will help you maintain a clear course towards the body you desire.    Moderation allows you to enjoy your favorite foods that would be considered unhealthy, without them influencing your weight or health. For example, cheesecake will be bad for you if you eat one or two or more slices every single day, but if you eat a ½ a slice once every 2 weeks, or only on special occasions, you can still enjoy a cheesecake without the usual repercussions you would otherwise have to deal with. Another example is ordering dessert when eating out, but only taking one bite and leaving the rest. True, the above is not going to be much good for you aside from tasting really great, but it is not likely to negatively affect your health or weight in any meaningful way. Love fried chicken? Sure, you can have a piece on occasion, but not every day, that’s moderation. Another way to moderate not so healthy food is with portion control, including:

  • ½ a cup of mashed potatoes instead of 1 or 2 cups
  • 2 French fries instead of the whole order
  •  ½ a biscuit instead of 2 with dinner
  • 1 sugary cocktail instead of 3
  • 1 slice of pizza instead of half the pie

The Precise Portions® Placemat Tablet – 50 is designed for Health Educators looking for the perfect material to train students & patients how to eat healthy for life. The suggestions on these placemats combined with Precise Portions® portion control dinnerware can help your patients improve their eating habits for life. In short, the plate will help you remember healthy eating habits every time you sit down to eat. Even when you are not at home, you’ll remember the visual cues of the plate and be less tempted to overload your portions.       

Final Thoughts
By altering your eating habits you can completely change the way your body feels and how it burns calories. This applies to those who are just starting with healthy lifestyle in general, as well as those who already follow a fitness plan of form or another. As long as you include moderation as one of those eating habits, you are setting your body up for success.



People are tired of being on diets and all the chemicals that are put in our foods. They want to get back to basics and that is why the Clean Eating diet exploded into the marketplace recently. People dream of home made food like their grandma and mom used to make. They have just gotten so far removed from this that they have no idea how to take all the the pre-made, fast food and convenient foods out of their diet and add healthier options.

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