The Study on Child Obesity in America

There have been many studies on child obesity in America these days and it seems as if the parents are at fault. This is really not the case. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently posted a study showing that child obesity has tripled over 30 years. By 2010, over one third of the kids and also adults were overweight. As you can see, this study proves that we are on a downward spiral toward obesity. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help your child.

Child obesity does not just stem from what children eat. It also has to do with exercise. If you have a ten year old child who always sits at their Wii to play games, they are at risk. You obviously don’t want your beloved child becoming obese so it’s best to provide solutions for them. It seems as if child obesity in America comes from not eating right, lack of exercise, and the parent’s upbringing. Putting it lightly, you should spend more time with your children and try to make a game of being healthy. Here are a few ways you can help your children stay slim:


  • Encourage them to have a run with you outside. Go to the park with them and run or walk. Don’t overdo it because your child will think of it as a negative experience.


  • If they play a lot of games on the computer or any game console, limit their time on there. Allow them to game for three days of the week instead of five days. Weekends can be reserved for exercise and family time.


  • Remember that child obesity in America is a result of many habits of life instead of just one. Focus on eating right instead of just exercising or limiting their time. Let your children pick out their favorite fruits and make a smoothie out of it.

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