The Good,The Bad and The Ugly

  I know exactly what’s going through your mind when you read the title of this post : ” What the hell has this  1966 epic Spaghetti Western film starring Clint Eastwood, LeeVan Cleef and Eli Wallach go to do with a website which promotes improved lifestyle by better weight management ?”. Allow me to explain.

The Good

On account of the fact that it was projected as the top weight loss supplement over the past 12 months, we felt it just to  include Garcinia Cambogia on our site in order to promote its merits.Furthermore,there are indeed supplements that really do help people lose weight. Using the power of extensive data (Google Trends) it was possible to identify the Top 10 Weight Loss supplements as decided by the millions of people who use the Google search engine to research weight loss supplements. This 100% ‘pure’ google data was not influenced in any manner of form by marketing sponsorship  from the manufacturers/suppliers or fraudulent claims regarding the product in question. Garcinia Cambogia (Malabar Tamarind) is a small to medium-sized tree that grows in India and Southeast Asia. The fruit rind contains the chemical hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and is used to make medicine. In addition to weight loss supplements, Garcinia Cambogia is also used for Arthritis and to improve Athletic performance.

It is believed that Garcinia Cambogia promotes weight loss via two pathways:

  1. Appetite reduction results in fewer calories consumed
  2. An unidentified pathway that has produced weight loss not associated with reduced caloric intake

It is hypothesized that the secret behind Garcinia Cambogia is it’s ability to inhibit an enzyme called Citric acid lysase, which is necessary for the production of fatty acids. In rats, Garcinia Cambogia has been shown to consistently reduce food intake and lower body- weight.

In human studies, the results aren’t quite so clear cut. Some studies show Garcinia Cambogia to be an effective fat-buster while others are less enthusiastic.More Garcinia studies are in the progress.

More information on this weight loss supplement can be obtained by clicking HERE.

The Bad

     It’s important to state immediately that there are times when a doctor will prescribe Diet Pills for certain patients; typically, this is done on a temporary basis and is highly regulated with a short term goal in sight.  However, for many people diet pills are not a solution and may actually cause more harm than good. Losing weight is meant to be a process and in order to sustain it, it is important to make profound habit changes that will propel long-term success.

         Unfortunately, many people don’t understand this; they just want to shed all their excessive weight in the shortest time period. Therefore, instead of maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly, they turn to diet pills. For an individual who doesn’t have enough drive to commit to a physically active life or who just can’t stay away from junk food, diet pills may look like a magical solution. However, even if they do help you lose weight, they are still not good. There are numerous diet pills on the market. The reason why so many companies are interested in making and selling them is because they don’t need to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration before putting them on the market.

Since there are so many diet pills on the market, most companies choose to come up with the most “effective” formulas, so they end up including some pretty unsafe ingredients into their products. Even though a lot of people are aware that diet pills may cause them some health issues, they still continue using them, because they offer the easiest possible way to lose weight. Knowing that you could lose ten pounds just by taking a pill a day is very tempting. However, you need to remember that even if you achieve your weight loss goals, you will encounter some other problems sooner or later.

Diet Pills Vary In The Way They Help You Lose Weight:  Some will help decrease the amount of fat that you absorb from the food you consume, while others will significantly decrease your appetite. Then, there are also those diet pills that work by increasing the amount of calories you burn.

Harmful Side Effects:  The problem with all of these diet pills is that they can cause some extremely harmful and long-lasting  side effects, including high blood pressure, sleeplessness, kidney problems, increased heart rate, agitation, liver damage, and diarrhea. The longer you take diet pills, the more likely you are to experience these side effects. The main reason why they’re so harmful is because they contain stimulants that are harmful to your overall health, especially to your heart health. On top of that, certain diet pills can contain antidepressants and amphetamines, making them very addictive.

Since there’s a good chance that you may get addicted to pills like this, it’s worth mentioning that you will be at higher risk of experiencing any of the previously mentioned side effects. However, that’s not even the worst thing about diet pills. The sad truth is that most of them are ineffective, since they represent a combination of caffeine and other diuretics, which only cause water loss.

Although you will see a lower number on your digital weighing scale as a result of this water loss, you should be aware that this is not equal to fat loss. The water weight can return very easily. In addition, by taking diet pills, you will just avoid changing your life for the better. The reason why a lot of people never manage to reach their weight loss goals is because they fail to make profound and lasting eating and exercise habit changes ie changes to their routine lifestyles

They think that taking pills to shed off/melt away a few pounds will help them get rid of their excess weight forever. However, in order to change how you look, you will need to change the way you live. The end goal shouldn’t just be weight loss – it should be living a healthier life. In conclusion, diet pills simply won’t make you healthier. At best,they will only represent a temporary solution, and once you stop taking them, you will instantly go back to your original weight (if your lucky!) and poor habits.

The Ugly

From eating only one food group to following all of the “rules,” fad diets (and crash diets) are destined to fail. Take it from the health experts, the pounds you may lose will not add up in the end.

Many of these diets promise you that you will lose so many pounds within so many days or months. Fad diets can range from juice fasts, to drastic calorie restriction and everything in between. However, these diets are temporary solutions. According to Psychology Today fad diets can result in quick weight loss, but chances are that the weight will come back and more than what was originally lost.

One study found that short-term diets can yield a loss of 5%-10% of body weight, in a short amount of time, but the problem is that once the diet is over, everyone goes back to ‘eating as usual. What happens after you go back to your old habits? The weight comes back thereby creating the opportunity for the ‘yo-yo’ diet to dominate your lifestyle.

These diets start off with drastic measures. For example, the “Wine and Eggs Diet” uses eggs and wine throughout the day besides dinner, which allows for steak. However, for dinner, you also have a half of a bottle of wine and four eggs. There is more wine throughout the day. Another example is the Lemonade/Master Cleanse. This fad diet starts with a lemonade recipe that you drink, with nothing to eat, for up to two weeks.This can cause your body to overcompensate for the losses. These diets can also cause negative reactions such as fatigue and headaches not to mention the lack of nutrition that comes from a well-balanced diet.

Most important is the fact that no one can or should eat like this on a permanent basis, once again undermining any efforts to keep the weight off for good.

  Fad diets never teach us healthy eating habits. As discussed above, these diets are drastic and most of the time, take away from us instead of giving. These diets teach you not to eat “x” at all, instead of replacing “x” with something healthier.

Without learning and mastering what it means to eat healthy and solidifying profound habit changes in diet, permanent weight loss can never be achieved.

     Our bodies are designed to run on all food groups. You can see the contrast quickly. Healthy eating says, “Eat all food groups, but in smaller portions. The fad diet says, “Do not eat any carbohydrates at all.” All experts agree that solid nutrition is an important part of leading an overall healthy lifestyle.

These diets are not nutritious and deprive the body of the nutrients it needs to function and thrive.

This is perhaps the most damaging issue when it comes to fad dieting. By eliminating food groups, you are depriving your body of much needed nutrients. These nutrients give energy and build metabolism. Experts advise that we need to eat a wide variety of foods as each one gives us distinct nutrients the body needs. A series of studies reported on Psychology Today’s website surmised that the only intervention that showed promise in yielding permanent weight loss results is the one that emphasizes a healthier lifestyle.

Lifestyle choice changes empower while fad diets deprive.

  Most fad dieters lose weight quickly, much to their delight. However, these same dieters soon gain those pounds back with extra after the diet is “over.” In 2012, researchers found more evidence that short-term dieting results in increasing weight gain, which is independent of genetic factors such as obesity running in the family. This cycle repeats itself. What started as a quick five pounds to lose can turn into thirty relatively quickly.

the fads under fire.jpg

RULES,RULES & MORE RULES ! If you were to go online and research fad diets, you will find them to be filled with rules that you must follow. Most come with certain menu plans, timing of meals, eliminated foods, and different rules for each day you must follow to see results. Instead of simply eating healthy, you must follow each step to lose that quick few pounds. From eating a certain amount of eggs so many times a day to drinking so many ounces of lemonade on Monday and then another certain amount on Tuesday. These diets do not allow for any creativity, leeway and can become tiresome. These diets make the dieter lose confidence if a step is missed, knowing they may have to start over again. This again creates a negative spiral straight to a dead end.

These set rules and restrictions can sabotage success as no one can or really should stick with them on a permanent basis, and so permanent weight loss can never achieved.

Fad diets can harm our bodies and our minds and they can never result in permanent weight loss success. Instead of following crash diets that boast quick losses, invest in your body and your future health by making a lifestyle change that will yield long-term results.

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