Reducing Childhood Obesity by Increasing Your Child’s Physical Activities – Part 3 of 3

Hello Again and Welcome to the third and final part (ie Part 3)  of our featured article -concerning Childhood Obesity and reducing its detrimental effects by encouraging increased physical activity.

Before now, we have discussed the following :

Part 1 = increased obesity in children & youths and a selection of recommended activities to stem this alarming  increase ; Exercise devices for supplementing physical activities, namely a Treadmill, an Upright Stationary Bike and an Elliptical Bike. All of these devices being specially designed and constructed with kids in mind.

Part 2 = Trampolines and their usefulness in encouraging a healthy lifestyle by providing a fun way for your young one to work muscles, boost heart rate, lose weight (by burning fat)  and improve his/her flexibility.This was accompanied by a product comparison review of the 5 top-selling Mini-Trampolines of the last twelve months. 

Part 3 will continue the theme presented in part 2 except that our product comparison review will comprise trampolines ideally suited for use by the whole family rather than the younger/youngest members. Therefore,the models under review will be suitable for teenagers and older youths.

Before this review, here is a list of topics we are going to discuss relative to your possible future purchase/hire of a trampoline device.As in the previous case, you are welcome to ignore topic/s which are not of immediate interest to you.

  1. ​An Exercise Trampoline Can Get You Fit in No Time
  2. Trampolines are not just for kids
  3. How to shop on-line
  4. Safe & Budget Trampolines
  5. Understanding the different types of trampolines available.


[1]. An Exercise Trampoline Can Get You Fit In No Time

While it is the massive backyard trampoline that always gets all of the fame, a small exercise trampoline can provide a ton of workout without taking up huge amounts of space. Exercise trampolines generally go in and out of style pretty often. They are usually forgotten among the huge variety of high budget exercise machines like the Bowflex or the Nordic Track elliptical trainer. However, while these expensive machines will ultimately come and go, the exercise trampoline will stick around for quite some time. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and versatility. Most other exercise machines only give you the ability to perform a set amount of different workouts. With the trampoline, however, the workout possibilities are seemingly endless.Forget the days of running up and down your street or doing back aching sit ups and push ups. Those exercises are long gone and each and every one can be completely replaced by your trampoline. Running for example – an extremely high impact exercise can be replicated by simply jumping up and down on your trampoline. The trampoline is very low impact since the bounce is almost completely absorbed by the jumping area and, since jumping up and down on a trampoline creates G-Forces, you are getting a tiring aerobic workout with each jump, just as you would while running. For those who want to tighten their abs and build some lean muscle, you may think you need to go beyond jumping up and down on a trampoline and purchase a whole new set of exercise equipment. That, of course, is an incorrect assumption. Thanks to a new set of exercise trampoline workouts called “rebounder”, you are able to use your tiny trampoline in a variety of different ways to help you trim off the fat and make your muscles grow. The rebounder exercises include modified sit ups so you will not wreck your back and a huge variety of other enjoyable muscle building routines used in fitness facilities like Bally’s and Gold’s Gym.

[2]. Trampolines Are Not Just For Kids

If you’ve driven through a suburban neighborhood recently, you probably saw a lot of backyard trampolines. They’re a very popular backyard toy for kids and teenagers, and many families own trampolines. Kids love to play on them, of course, but have you considered that trampolines might be a great way for you to work out and get some exercise?Trampolines are often seen as kids’ toys, and certainly kids can jump randomly and play wildly on a trampoline. In fact, that’s how kids usually use a trampoline, and that’s fine. They’re actually getting a lot of exercise on the trampoline, having a good time, and not thinking about the fact that they’re actually doing something good for themselves. That’s a good way to get their fitness activities in.The fact is, you can get a better workout on a trampoline than you can many other ways. Trampoline exercise is very challenging, because you not only exercise, but you have to get the hang of moving and exercising on a trampoline. We’re not used to moving on surfaces made essentially of elastic, so just learning to balance and move deliberately is a great way to build your fitness. You’ll be much more coordinated after a few weeks of exercising on a trampoline.You know that you can get an aerobic workout on a trampoline; obviously the jumping and bouncing gets your heart pumping and builds your cardiovascular endurance and strength. However, as you build your skill in jumping higher and landing where you want to land and how you want to land, you build other muscles. You’ll be surprised how much your legs, hips, and abs hurt after your first few really vigorous trampoline workouts. This is a good thing, even though it may not feel like it, because it means you’re getting a complete cardiovascular and lower body workout at the same time. You’ll also build your balance and become more adept at using a trampoline after only a very short time of working out on this bouncing mat. You’ll learn how to move where and how you want, and become a master of the trampoline. You will work out longer, and more effectively, the more you work on a trampoline, and you’ll really get a great fitness benefit from working out on a trampoline.If all of that sounds good, there is one more benefit that hasn’t even been mentioned yet. Working out on a trampoline is fun. In fact, it can be a lot of fun, and you might find yourself really looking forward to your workout, something that most people don’t find inviting or interesting. If you’re tired of your regular workout, or need to start working out but find it tedious and boring, you might be surprised how much you enjoy exercising when you do it on a trampoline. If you don’t have a trampoline, you might want to see if you can spend some time on a friend’s, and consider buying one for yourself just for the workout benefits. Furthermore, if you have kids who’ll enjoy it, that’s even better.

[3]. How To Shop On-Line For Trampolines

If you’re considering buying a trampoline for your backyard, whether for exercise or for the kids’ play, you might want to shop online. At first blush, this may not seem like a good candidate for online shopping, because shipping would seem to be a big obstacle. After all, trampolines are heavy items. However, shopping online is actually a very good way to find the perfect trampoline. Whether you buy your trampoline online will depend largely on whether you can find what you want locally, and the prices you find online and locally. But you should definitely spend some time shopping around online, because you can learn a lot about trampolines and figure out what you want and need. Then you can shop locally if you choose, but you know what you’re looking at and what you’re looking for, and how much you should expect to pay. Even if you decide to pay more locally for convenience, you will know what you’re getting and make a wise decision. When you shop online, you can find a lot of trampolines, and narrow down the selection to ones that fit your needs. You probably will see trampolines you cannot find locally, and you may get some ideas about exactly what you want and what you want to pay. The sheer variety is a major advantage in shopping online, because you may find possibilities that you did not even know existed. Another great thing about shopping for trampolines online is that you can compare trampolines head to head, and look at each one in comparison to all the others. This is harder to do when you’re shopping locally, because you may find that you can’t easily look at two trampolines side-by-side, even by taking notes, if they’re in different stores.What about that shipping? Well, it may not be as bad as you think. First, once you get into heavier weights, shipping prices do not increase as quickly for each additional pound, so it may not cost as much as you expect even if you pay full shipping on your trampoline. And some dealers may have discounted or even free shipping. They can do this because they’re not operating physical stores, and they can pass that savings on to you so that they can sell more trampolines. Once you’ve decided what you want, it’s worth searching for a reputable store that has free or discounted shipping.And don’t forget, once you’ve bought your trampoline, that you can buy accessories and spare parts online, as well. If you need a new safety net, or a spare spring, or you need to replace a safety pad, you can order these items online and usually find them at much lower costs.While buying a trampoline online may or may not work best for you, definitely do your early shopping online. You’ll get a better idea of what’s out there and how much it will cost, and you can compare trampolines easily to decide what is the best equipment for you and what you want to pay for it. As with any major purchase, shopping for a trampoline can be a lot of trouble, so taking the time to shop around online first can be very useful.

[4]. Safe & Fun Budget Trampolines

If you’ve looked at trampolines and thought the price was out of your reach, you’ll be pleased and surprised to learn that many budget trampolines will fit your budget, fulfill your safety expectations, and provide hours of fun for kids and grownups alike. The word “budget” doesn’t mean low quality.When you think of a budget trampoline, you probably think “cheap,” and to many people that means poor materials, poor workmanship, and a generally shoddy product. You may worry that a budget trampoline would be unsafe, or that you would have to replace it soon because of poor quality. The manufacturers who create the deluxe trampolines also create budget trampolines, and for the most part, while these trampolines may not have all the features of the deluxe models, they are well-made and safe. They’re simply designed to cost less, for those families who want a backyard trampoline but simply can’t afford the highest-end models. The key to finding a good budget trampoline is to find manufacturers who have a record of good quality and customer service, and who also have a budget line of trampolines. Shop among the trampolines in these lines, from these manufacturers, to make sure that you’re getting a quality product.Again, think “budget,” not “cheap,” and look for good quality in materials and workmanship. If the trampoline dealer and/or manufacturer do not offer a guarantee, run far and fast, because you’re only wasting your money on these trampolines. You won’t get the quality or service you need, and you’ll end up with a product that doesn’t last, and could cause serious injuries.You can often find good deals on trampolines online, either at online stores or on eBay. You should be careful, of course, to work with a reputable dealer, but you can usually find good new trampolines for $100 or less. If you’re interested in a used trampoline and buy from a reputable eBay seller, you can usually pick up a good family backyard trampoline for under $50. You may even find trampoline dealers with overstocks between $50 and $100, for a new trampoline with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you’ve thought that a trampoline was just simply too expensive for you to afford, now you know that you can find affordable trampolines, by shopping the budget lines from major manufacturers, and by looking for a used trampoline or special deal from a store that’s clearing out or overstocked. Instead of spending hundreds of dollar on the trampoline alone, before you buy safety equipment, you can now find trampolines for under one hundred dollars, sometimes including the net and pads. It’s a matter of shopping wisely and being willing to wait for a good deal. Of course, you also have to make sure that you’re working with a good merchant, that you’re getting what you order, and that you’re comfortable with the transaction and can get a refund if you have a problem. The likelihood of a problem is actually pretty small with a reputable dealer, but you want to know you can get service if you need it. And then go ahead and buy that trampoline you’ve been wanting and can now afford.

[5]. Understanding The Different Types of Trampolines Available On The Market

If you’re thinking about getting a trampoline for your backyard, you’re probably interested in a recreational trampoline. Knowing what the basic types of trampoline are can help you in your shopping, because the various terms can be a little confusing if you’re not familiar with them. You might think a trampoline is a trampoline…is a trampoline. But there are several types of trampolines, and you need to know what you are looking for.A recreational trampoline, made of waterproof canvas, holds up in outdoor conditions. You see recreational trampolines in backyards all the time. They are often circular, but can be rectangular, square, and octagonal. These trampolines come in various sizes, but most are fairly large, and these trampolines are generally set up and left in one place, as they’re not portable unless very small. In your shopping for a backyard trampoline, this is probably what you’ll be looking for. Competitive trampolines, made of a special fabric, weigh very little and can be transported easily. Competitive trampolines are always specific sizes and shapes based on international competition rules, and use stronger springs than recreational trampolines. These trampolines, which are designed for competitive athletes, are significantly more expensive than recreational trampolines. You probably do not need a competitive trampoline unless you have an athlete in training.Water trampolines are used only for fun, not really for exercise and not at all for competition. They feature inflatable tubes that keep them afloat in a pool, and kids (and grownups) can jump on the surface of the trampoline. These are popular at pool parties.Finally, mini-trampolines (as we described in part 2)  are designed for indoor use, are extremely portable, and are often known as jogging trampolines. You may have used one of these to exercise indoors, or had one in your home for your kids to play on. They’re great for indoor exercise and fun, and they’re quite inexpensive, in terms of both exercise equipment and indoor play equipment. The important thing to remember when you start looking at trampolines is that you want a trampoline that is specifically marketed for outdoor use, or labeled as a “backyard” trampoline. Again, unless you have an athlete training for competition, you do not need, nor do you want, a competition trampoline. You want a trampoline designed specifically for backyard use.Recreational trampolines are great for just jumping around and having fun, which is what most kids use them for. With the proper pads and net, trampolines are one of the safest ways to play in the backyard. They’re also great for grownups wanting to work out and get some great aerobic and lower body exercise while having a good time and getting some fresh air. If you’re looking for water fun, remember the water trampoline is a great way to have fun in the pool, and of course mini-trampolines are fun for exercising and playing indoors. Whichever type of trampoline you use, make sure you follow basic common sense and safety guidelines, and use caution when playing on a trampoline. You’ll be rewarded with a great time and beneficial exercise.

Now let’s look at some Trampoline Models suitable for use by all the family.

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