Protect your children against Obesity

Don’t let your child become another number when it comes to child obesity in America. Your little one is precious to you and by starting to feed them healthy early, you can save them from becoming obese. For example, if you have a four year old child, begin introducing all the right foods to them. This include foods such as apples, strawberries, carrots, celery sticks and so on. If your child has not yet become accustomed to the taste of vegetables, you can always sneak in a few vegetables into their “fruit” smoothie. The trick is just to add a few slices of carrots or some other vegetable. This way they won’t be able to taste it, but you still know that they are getting a healthy serving of vegetables.


Child obesity in America is all around us these days. It’s sad really, but at least there is something you can do about it. Think of it as protecting your child’s health in the future. Over half of obese children develop heart disease and high cholesterol levels when they are older. In order to prevent this, it is time to take a strict action plan. While your child might not like this new plan, you still need to keep everything enforced.


Instead of serving your child their favorite cheese bread sticks, go for celery with peanut butter added on top. Also, put a handful of fruits on the side with some light whip cream. The whip cream will give them a reason to eat it but make sure you don’t put on too much. As for dinner, stay away from food that is high in cholesterol. You can serve them a few small pieces of chicken with mixed vegetables on the side. This is a common dinner that many Americans eat. By following our advice, you can be another parent who strives to stop child obesity in America.

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