Weight Loss Options for Adults (Part 1)

Why Weight Loss Is Hard To Achieve

Weight loss is a simple concept that a lot of people are having a hard time achieving. It seems to be quite simple, exercise + proper nutrition = weight loss, right? Well, it is that simple in a nutshell but a lot of people get lost on the proper execution of it. Having the right ingredients and a cookbook does not guarantee a fine meal does it? So here are a few reasons why we struggle to reach that ideal weight we aim for to achieve.


A lot of diet and exercise programs before had long time tables but since a lot of people prefer a quick fix, many unsustainable diet fads and exercise programs have popped up. Many people tend to lose interest way before their bodies have adapted to the program and show any positive results. Being impatient never has benefited anybody when it comes to fitness. The winning formula remains to be perseverance and hard work. Working out and sweating for a week will not get rid of the flab that you have put on for years. Have faith in your program and diet plan and you will see results in time.


This also applies to the exercise and diet. When doing the exercise, do not cheat your way through your workout. Follow strict form and make sure that you follow your trainer on what to lift and how many repetitions you have to do. Do not say that “that’s too heavy” or “that’s too light”. You have a trainer for a reason so follow their advice. If you are one of the people who is able to afford a nutritionist, follow the programs that they have designed for you. Don’t have a hidden stack of chocolate or secretly buy ice cream or cake on your way home. You are not cheating anybody but yourself.


Losing weight is not a quick fix. It often requires an overhaul of ones lifestyle. Losing weight requires changing a few of your routines and that includes what you buy and bring home to the house. It also involves limiting some of your normal daily activities like watching T.V. and how much time you spend online. The reason people in the old days are a lot more fit than most of us now is because they did not spend every waking hours in the house watching T.V. and chatting online.

Target Weight

Make sure that you set an achievable goal so that you can actually get to it. Please don’t aim to lose 5 lbs.in a week because you will just be breaking your heart. An achievable goal is like 10 lbs in 2 months. That can still be hard for some and depends entirely on your dedication to the goal but this is where your personal trainer can be of help because a reasonable goal depends on many things like eating habits, genetics, how hard is your workout programme. Therefore,a clear communication channel with your trainer is key not only in setting the target weight but on how to achieve it efficiently.

No Support System

Losing weight is kind of like recovering from an addiction in many ways. You also will need a strong support system because it simply cannot be done alone. Your family and/or friends can provide you with the emotional support that you will need and your trainer will provide the push that you will inevitably need when you get to the point where you are getting tired and think that you cannot go on.

Before considering the numerous options for losing weight, have you ever considered this …..

What is a Weight Loss Tool?

While we’ll be giving a little extra focus to technological solutions and supplementation, a weight loss ‘tool’ can be many things.

A tool is really any application of a technology (be that modern or old) that acts as a ‘forcemultiplier’. In other words, a tool should help you to get more benefit from the same amount of effort and to thereby accelerate your progress.

To this end, you can consider many of the items listed below as potential tools. For example:

  • Books and eBooks
  • Gadgets and devices
  • Apps and software
  • Expert consultation
  • Clothes and gear + accessories
  • Supplements and diet
  • Diet plans and training programs
  • Exercise machines

Also, combinations of any of the above tools is also relevant to the definition of a weight loss tool.

During the period of this 6-week course, you’ll understand and learn how it’s possible to combine several of these tools to create a training plan that’s truly a technological marvel being specifically suited to your personal objective.

Finding Diet Tools That Work

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight for a while now, then there’s a high chance that you will already have tried using one or several of the many weight loss tools out there in order to shed pounds.

Since you have subscribed to this course however, then it’s probably safe to assume that none of them has quite worked just yet…

The bottom line is that finding tools out there that work is hard and before you go any further, it may be useful to look at just why this is and how you can identify the time-wasters before they damage your efforts and your motivation.

It is true that the obese process food differently than those who are not, not only physically and internally,but, also psychologically.

More likely than not, you have dieted your whole life.

One diet after another, losing, gaining, losing gaining on an endless yo-yo cycle.

This is because diets don’t work, they are temporary, hence the reference, “getting on a diet” and“getting off a diet”.

Instead, consider

  • lifestyle changes and
  • changing eating tastes and habits.

The most important element of successful long-term weight management protocol is an inherent change in lifestyle habits in order to combat the “diet mindset”, which is a short-term solution where people get “on” and “off”.

For example, people who quit eating sugar, often remark that when they do occasionally bite on something sweet, like a cookie or doghnut, the sugar is intolerable and they cannot finish it. That is because they have permanently altered their taste for it.

That is a permanent lifestyle change.

(1) Ordering all burger combos with a side salad instead of fries, without even thinking about it at the drive thru.

That is a permanent lifestyle change.

(2) Choosing water, plain tea or even diet soda as a drink with lunch, without ever considering full sugar soda beverage eg. pepsi cola or fanta

That is a permanent lifestyle change.

(3) Regularly reaching for a side of vegetables, instead of mashed potatoes and gravy.

That is a permanent lifestyle change.

(4) Serving yourself one tablespoon of mashed potatoes, versus 3 or 4 each time you eat them.

That is also a permanent lifestyle change.

(5) Consistently taking / participating in regular exercise.

That is also a permanent lifestyle change.

Consistent exercise, portion control and burning more calories than you eat is at the centre of a healthy weight management protocol.

In the past few decades, there has been an explosion in the number of weight loss plans.

Some of them are effective, some of them are not so effective, and there are some plans so out rageously extreme, that a person will be better off obese than following them!

The key to finding the best method of permanent weight loss is to consider any plan that focuses on making permanent and lasting eating and fitness lifestyle changes.


Behaviour Modification

The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute points out that there are various triggers that cause people to over eat.

For example, while watching TV, or during stress, or when going out with certain friends. Identifying and changing such habits can be really helpful in weight control.

Be conscious of what you eat and why. Stay aware of your bad habits and work on changing them. Many people eat not because they are hungry, but, for other reasons.

Monitor portion sizes, and eat healthy foods. Seek professional help to analyze and become aware of the psychology behind your eating habits.

Before continuing,consider the illustration below which will re-cap what you have already read in this lesson and prepare you for the remainder of this lesson and Part 2 which constitutes Lesson 8.

Seeking Medical Advice / Expertise : Registered Dietician/Nutritionist ; Physician

Seeking the services of registered dietician/nutritionist is a great way to form a weight loss plan that will be customized just for you to yield the best results.

This is covered by most insurance plans and is required as the first step in the approval process for bariatric surgery by most insurance companies.

A good registered dietician or nutritionist will have sufficient knowledge regarding the latest developments and research findings, along with an indepth understanding of the human body.They will adjust the program according to your needs and your food preferences.

This becomes especially important if you have conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer or diabetes.

The dietician/nutritionist will educate you about the food choices that you need to make and the correct daily calorie intake in order to lose weight and improve your health. Another big benefit of seeing a nutritionist is the fact that regular appointments and weigh-ins make you accountable to someone other than yourself, and this can be a good motivator and facilitator of staying on track.

Consulting a doctor for weight loss offers similar benefits as consulting registered nutritionists/dieticians.They can keep a regular check on your health and monitor your progress accordingly.

They can also order lab tests to check various parameters regarding the body’s status, or health conditions that might have developed as a result of obesity.

Doctors also have various medical treatments that they can prescribe as needed. For some, a short term treatment can include diet pills and also there are various bariatric surgery options for weight loss that are used for the morbidly obese.

Those who are pre-diabetic and have high insulin numbers can ask their doctor about a medication called Metformin, which, helps to stave off diabetes, lower the impact of insulin trigger foods and really helps with weight loss.

We will close today’s lesson with a short video for you to watch and whose contents you can start to put into practice – without delay.

In tomorrow’s Lesson, we will consider Part 2 of Weight Loss Options for Obese Adults.This will concentrate on the agony of finding Diet tools & Weight loss programmes that are worthy of their name.


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