People say that motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily! 

Zig Ziglar

Motivation is powerful and but as the quote above said – it doesn’t last.

When motivation lags you need good old fashioned, butt kicking self-discipline to keep you on track.

(If your self-discipline is lagging I’ve got a few tips later that will help).

Self-discipline is all about knowing what you have to do and doing it even when you don’t want to.

Like going to the gym when you’re tired or running in the rain.

It’s about gritting you teeth and getting on with it – even if you don’t want to.

If that sounds like hard work then let me throw another quote at you…


Do something today that you’re future self will thank you for.

John Doe

I don’t know who said that but it motivates me.

And it helps me be more disciplined.

What we do or don’t do today won’t change the here and now much but it will change what happens to us tomorrow,

the day after and the day after.

It’s about doing things consistently, even when you don’t want to.

Like saving money today for the house you’ll buy tomorrow.

It’s like the entrepreneur who works 18 hour days for the business that he hopes will make him a millionaire in the future.

It’s like the medical student studying until 4 am in the morning because when he/she passes the exam/s it brings them closer to their end goal of achieving of being able to help people with their acquired knowledge,skills and experience as health care professionals.

If that resonates with you and if you’re serious about cracking on and making REAL changes in your life then I strongly recommend you adopt the following 3 objectives :


The first is to set a goal. You need to know life then you’re going and you need to be able to measure how close you are to your goal.Take measurements, keep score and review these weekly.

Second, find an accountability partner someone you can rely on and share the journey with.The positive pressure of having someone there is immense but it can drastically increase your chance of success.

What you don’t need is a ‘yes man’.

What you do need is someone who’s going to make sure you’re doing the work, supporting you when you need support and shouting at you when you need to be shouted at.

Third, be accountable to a group.Just look at the success and popularity of boot camps.

They’re not just an exercise class; they’re an exercise group where camaraderie and working towards a common goal are important ingredients.

In the group you bust a gut so you’re not the weakest link and you push yourself to make sure to keep pace with everyone else (and to keep the instructor happy).

Strange as it may seem – we’re social beings and working in a group triggers our basic instinct to fit in.

Let me summarize:

  • Write down your goals
  • Be accountable to yourself.
  • Find an accountability partner. Join a group.

It’s all simple stuff (the best advice always is).

How To Find Your Weight Loss Motivation

Deciding to change your life and lose weight is normally an easy endeavor. After all, you just need to say it aloud and inform everyone you know through your social networks.

Committing yourself to losing the excess pounds in your body, though, is a completely different story.

When people try to get fitter or lose weight, they easily lose motivation, especially when they don’t notice immediate results from efforts.

This, in turn, quickly brings their weight loss efforts to a grinding halt, and prevents them from progressing in their weight loss journey.

But, there are a lot of ways to find inspiration to lose weight :

Admit It

Tip the weight scales, and check how much you weigh, either in pounds of kilograms. Also, take measurements of your waistline, arms, chest, and thighs.

Afterwards, record all the measured values in a journal. With this journal, you will be able to track down your progress, as you lose weight.

Take Measurements

Tip the weight scales, and check how much you weigh, either in pounds of kilograms. Also, take measurements of your waistline, arms, chest, and thighs.Afterwards, record all the measured values in a log book. With this log book, you will be able to track your progress, as you lose weight.

Define The Reasons

Define the reasons that you want to lose weight.

Go beyond the simple affirmative “I want to look good”. That is not going to be enough.

Here Are Some Ideas

  • Look good
  • Feel better
  • Become a more fit and active parent
  • Set an example for the kids
  • Reduce your blood pressure
  • Stave off diabetes
  • Prevent heart disease
  • Prevent high cholesterol
  • Prevent knee, joint and body aches
  • Have more energy
  • Look good in that hot dress
  • Be attractive for the opposite sex
  • Wear those sexy jeans
  • Prevent various cancers for which obesity is a risk factor
  • Live a longer life
  • Have more energy
  • Have a beach body
  • To feel more attractive
  • To feel better about yourself
  • To achieve something great

Write down all the reasons in your log book the your motives for wanting to lose weight. Most likely, you will be adding something to this list every day. Always take time to take a look at the list since they can help you find inspiration for your weight loss.

Get Off The “Diet” And Get On A New Mindset

Dieting is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. People spend their lives getting on and off various diets without seeing any lasting results. This is why diets are classified as ” temporary “.

You know what motivates?

The fact that you don’t have to choose, pay for, or learn a new diet. You just have to start to make simple lifestyle changes :

  • Skip dessert, and eat an apple instead
  • Replace the fries, or mashed potatoes with a side salad
  • Stop drinking sugary drinks, i.e.: cokes and juices
  • Eliminate sugary foods from your diet, start with one and keep adding another
  • Eat small meals every 3 hours that consist of a healthy carb, vegetable and lean protein
  • Make the vegetable portion of your plate the largest
  • Switch to 6” inch plates for all your meals
  • Find you how many calories you can eat daily to lose weight by using an online Calorie Calculator that is based on gender, activity level, current weight and height.
  • Walk 10 minutes every day for a week, then add another 10 minutes each week.
  • Consider, fries, apple pie and ice cream to be very occasional treats.
  • Cut all your portions in half, but, eat more often throughout the day to jump start the metabolism.

The above steps are examples of how to begin to make the necessary lifestyle and eating habit changes that will lead to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight for life.Don’t look at these as temporary, but, as permanent habits that do not require you to “get off of them” at any point in time.

Make Your Own List of Lifestyle Changes

Add your own lifestyle changes, make a list, you know yourself better than anyone, and if needed get a little knowledge about what healthy eating looks like, then create a list that pertains to you.

Positive Affirmations

Weight loss affirmations can help to feed the mind with positive thoughts and steer it in the right directions.These are statements that are stated as if they already happened.

This practice is a type of visualization that helps to program the mind, plenty are available online, and here are a few of them :

  • I wear a size  6 dress.
  • I look better than I ever have in my life.
  • I lost 50 pounds.
  • My body is a fat burning machine.
  • I am wearing my bikini to the beach
  • I am healthier than I have ever been in my life.

Set Goals

In your journal, set a sensible goal for your weight loss.

Healthy weight loss is at a rate of 2 pounds per week, or five to eight pounds a month. Unreasonable goals, such as losing 20 pounds over the weekend, may lead to frustrations, and cause failure.

List down all your goals in your journal, and take note of any possible hurdles. Also, write down all the ways in which you will achieve your goals, in order, to overcome hurdles.

Enjoy Your Accomplishments

From time to time, measure your weight and compare it to the previous ones. Afterwards, record it to yourjournal.

Also, if you see any noticeable results from all your exercises and healthy eating, take pictures of them, and place them in places where you will see them most of the time.

These snapshots can be a great source of inspiration.

Overcome Negativity And Get Support

A lot of people create their own problems because they believe in things that are not real. For instance, you may believe that you do not have the fortitude and willpower to succeed in a challenging workout program.

Likewise, you might think you cannot survive eating nutritious vegetables and fruits. You, however, have the power to do all these things, in order to lose weight. To do that, though, you need to overcome negativity,and think of positive outcomes.

If others can do it, so can you!

Try to surround yourself with like-minded people who have positive vibes, as they can have a big positive impact for your weight loss.

Their words may serve as an inspiration or a turning point in your life.

There are many online forums to get support from people just like you who are working towards their weightloss goals.Keep in mind that words are powerful means that influence the minds of people, especially to those who are attempting to do something through a tremendous amount of self-control, patience and hard-work like losing weight.

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