Lesson 15

Encouraging Exercise for Kids

There are reasons to explain WHY obesity rates in kids have tripled since the 1960s. One of the most significant is that kids don’t play outside like they used to.

Technology with all its good has its negatives and one of those is that kids plug in from the time they get home and the physical activity they need daily suffers.Even though the computer wins hands down as being the greatest invention of the 21st century it’s also made children as well as many adults,lazy.

Children love computer games and can sit for hours and hours playing all the latest console games such as Nintendo.

They play with other friends or they even play with others across the country or across the world because the Internet lets us communicate with people from anywhere.

Unfortunately,all that sitting is doing nothing for your child’s health regime. Toss in a pizza, bag of chips and soda, and that all night video game marathon just made a bad lifestyle go from bad to worse, even more so if your child is overweight.


As parents and it may be even more difficult because the situation may already have spiraled out of control. However,they still must now learn how and when to put the proverbial foot down.

If your child’s weight has turned into a problem, it’s up to you the parents to initiate some rules and more importantly stick by those rules

It might be hard but it’s easier when they’re young to try to steer them onto the right path.

Children need 60 minutes of moderate physical activity daily.

Studies have shown that many do not get nearly enough, and spend most of the day in sitting positions, while in school and whilst playing video games or watching TV at home.

Tips To Get Kids Active

  • Introduce activities that the family can do together, such as, baseball in the park, bowling in the winter or swimming in the summer.
  • Limit computer and video game time to either weekends only, or to set hours daily. Engage the whole family in fitness, by creating activities that get you outdoors.
  • Engage other families in the neighbourhood to create ” fitness play dates ” where different parents can supervise on a set schedule. (This is particularly useful in situations where both parents work and hence have busy and inflexible schedules).
  • Set up a reward system or a gold star board for fitness achievements. Children respond really well to positive reinforcement. Setting up some type of reward system will encourage them to stay active.
  • Gold star boards that teachers often use in theclassroom are great ideas for daily achievements. You can also go further and provide rewards, like special outings, or toy gifts for major achievements, such as, 1 month straight of daily physical activity. But, make sure to never use food as a reward, this makes kids associate food with other than its intended purpose, which is nutrition.


Exercise Games For Kids

  • Tag
  • Structured sports (check your local YMCA and local little leagues)
  • Set up competitive relay games where prizes are handed out to winners
  • Fun obstacle courses, similar to those the military uses to train, can be set up in the back yard (make sure they are age appropriate)
  • Running or walking challenges or meets between parents and siblings. A little healthy competition goes a long way to motivate kids and it’s fun too!
  • Walking family pets
  • Trampolines **
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Cement chalk games
  • Dancing
  • Jumping rope
  • Various outdoor games: Badminton, volleyball, basketball, slip and slides, and others, just check the toy and sporting goods aisle…


**[ Product Reveiw on Trampolines including recommended Best Buys contained in this Lesson 15.]


How To Encourage Kids To Engage In Daily Physical Activity



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Who wants to deny their children food? The problem, however, if left to their own devices many children would eat cupcakes for dinner and popcorn for dessert rather than a well-balanced, nutritious meal. Perhaps one of the greatest hardships a parent has to go through during their child’s adolescence is having to persistently say, “No.”

It’s little wonder that ‘No’ is usually the first word repeated next to ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ in junior’s new but growing vocabulary, but, as children and parents grow older and arguments ensue, which, unfortunately takes its toll on both child and parent, parents sometimes give in to the pressure.

If not, any child is at risk to become a part of the growing obesity numbers in the under 20 population and just another statistic. Also, those kids that are prone to weight gain may spiral out of control if not for the discipline displayed by the parents. It’s all too common that after a while of ‘giving in,’ the ‘chubby’ cute kid can quickly turn into a fat one on the precipice of obesity, which is a harsh reality for parents as well as their children.



Trampolines have been a favourite form of play for kids and teens, and even adults, for many years.It is an excellent way to not only keep your children occupied but it can be a good way to get them active and help them get into shape.

In today’s society, children having weight problems, is sadly far too common. Having a trampoline can give them a way to “exercise” that doesn’t even feel like exercise and that makes it fun and stress free for them.

Before continuing with this near-comprehensive review of Trampolines we should like to express our appreciation and gratitude to the following websites whose information and statistics as well as user feedback and opinions we have included in our review :

  • Trampolinereviewguide.com
  • thoroughlyreviewed.com
  • amazon.com trampolinefirst
  • trampoline reviews australia
  • trampoline reviews uk


Common Trampoline Shapes

There are a lot of different styles and types of trampolines to choose from. It can get confusing understanding the differences between all the models available.

There are two main shapes for trampolines: round and rectangular. Each one is better suited for different uses.

The oval trampoline has evolved as a hybrid between the Round/Oval trampolines will provide a softer, slower bounce whereas the rectangular and square trampoline will provide more lift and a firmer bounce. The rectangular and square trampoline will provide more lift and a firmer bounce.

Last but not least is the square design.Many kids trampolines are square, as are many adult exercise trampolines.

Depending on what your needs are and why you are buying a trampoline, one shape might be better for you than the other. Be sure that you know exactly what your needs are. You can do that by asking yourself the following questions:

Is this just for play?

Do I want my child/ren to be able to exercise on this?

How much space do I have?

How many children will want to use this?

What is my budget?

These questions are very simple to answer but can make a difference in the size and shape of trampoline you eventually decide to buy.

Rectangular trampolines tend to be the choice for more serious trampolinists rather than those who just want something for their kids to play on.

Since most people who buy a trampoline will be buying for their kids to play on, they will more than likely end up with the more common round shape design. This shape gives a much easier rebound and more than one person can jump on it at a time safely, as long as they are not out of control when they are jumping.

What Size is the Best?

Round trampolines come in 4 basic size options: 8, 10, 12 and 14 feet in diameter. 12 feet seems to be the most commonly bought size, but others are good depending on the size you have available. A good rule of thumb is to buy the largest diameter trampoline you can afford and have the space for. If you are getting a rectangular trampoline, they will also come in many dimensions and can even be custom designed as well.


Trampoline Safety

This is and should be every parents top concern when purchasing a trampoline.

Although, most of those purchasing the trampoline grew up in an era of standard spring trampolines ie six people jumping at once, and without enclosure, trampoline safety has come a long way since that time.

Now available are springless or springfree trampolines, net enclosures and a variety of pads to protect those trampolines that do contain springs.

The safest trampoline will definitely be one which includes an enclosure to prevent children from accidentally falling off.

Other safety considerations

1. You should make sure that you have a minimum of 24 feet of clearance overhead. If your trampoline is outside, this will not be a problem, but you should not place the trampoline under wires, phone lines or trees. (Or home overhangs).

2. The horizontal clearance should be at least 6 feet all the way around your trampoline which means it needs to be at least 6 feet away from fences, houses, bushes and cars even if you have a safety enclosure attached.

Some other issues to seriously consider :

  • Making sure that no more than one or two people are jumping on the trampoline at one time.Never jump on a wet trampoline. Many serious injuries have
  • Never jump on a wet trampoline. Many serious injuries have occured as a result of jumping on a wet trampoline. A cover can prevent the trampoline from getting wet in bad weather.If there is any moisture on it, either dry it thoroughly or wait until it has dried naturally
  • Jumpers should also not jump with anything in their hands nor should they jump when it is windy outside.
  • Setting Up Your Trampoline Properly & Assembly Instructions Manual: note carefully.
  • Beware of “Super Sales” and Drastic Markdowns. Whenever there is a big markdown of trampolines you might want to do some additional homework on WHY these particular models have been marked down.


Recommended Purchasing Options

Before we consider the 6 recommended models,it is important for us to point out that all the models that we recommend (just like the other models,products and publications we recommend in our newsletters) satisfy a number of criteria which include :

  • Positive reviews from websites and/or specialist authors NOT related to the manufacturer or venditor
  • High amazon ratings (not lower than 4) which naturally take into account customer feedback
  • Guarantee,return of merchandise and other considerations characteristic of secure shopping on line and satisfaction associated with amazon.com and its overseas branches.

Before we consider the 6 recommended models,it is important for us to point out that all the models that we recommend (just like the other models,products and publications we recommend in our newsletters) satisfy a number of criteria which include :


At 15′ in diameter, this trampoline is sure to provide more than enough room for jumping excitement.Skywalker is a well-respected manufacturer in the trampoline market.


  • Available in a variety of colors: Green, Blue & Red
  • Max Weight 200 lbs
  • UV Protected Spring pad that is 1″ thick foam
  • Interlocking Enclosure Net that connects to jumping mat
  • Reinforced T-Sockets
  • 1 year warranty on frame


  • Galvanized steel frame contributes to a solid and sturdy construction Being
  • Being a round trampoline makes for the perfect family use trampoline.
  • Safe,solid choice exemplified by over 1,000 amazon reviews – many with 5 stars.
  • Value for money purchase.


  • It is not considered as a spring-free trampoline due to presence of metal frame in construction.

Click HERE to visit the website page for this trampoline model.Now !


This is a great size irrespective of the age of the jumper and a safety enclosure is included and safety features in place to guarantee countless hours of fun.


  • Steel frame – heavy and galvonized
  • No chance f structural twisting due to reinforced and welded T-sockets that secure enclosure to the frame
  • Good stability due to 6 legs and ‘Stay Put ‘ jump mat


  • Durability due to use of UV resistant materials
  • Easy set up and storage
  • Quiet
  • Strengthens


  • Heavy / bulky
  • Follow instructions to the letter because to some they can seem vague

 ​Click HERE to visit the Skywalker 12ft round trampoline web page.

(3) Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net

This Ultega trampoline has a 10ft diameter (though larger options are available), full-surround safety net, and a UV-resistant mat. It rests securely on a base of galvanized steel tubing and has a weight capacity of 200lbs. The safety net is 5’9’’ inches high and the trampoline has 88 springs (which are encased in a protective covering).


  • Designed to prevent tipping.
  • Constructed of galvanized steel.
  • Features a padded mat covering.
  • Padded poles


  • Competitive price
  • Straightforward set
  • Good warranty


  • Quality control – There seems to be some issues with the quality of this trampoline. There are numerous reports of people receiving the incorrect amount of boxes (it is supposed to come in three boxes), having boxes arrive destroyed and mangled with gaping holes out of which some of the pieces fell and were lost, nonresponsive customer service when these problems were reported to them, and, in some cases, a lifespan of only a few
  • Build quality – There is some question as to the quality of the building materials. Some of the problems reported by other users include the following: snapped legs soon after first use, incorrect craftsmanship that made the trampoline impossible to put together, and mats too stretched to be of any use after only a few weeks.


Despite mixed reviews and frequent reports of complaints about the same types of problems, it is important to note that this is a very popular trampoline, despite its flaws, and for us, it performed perfectly, which is why we are comfortable recommending it to our readers. In other words, if you are in the market for a budget-friendly trampoline, the Ultega Trampoline Jumper is definitely worth investigating.

To visit the Ultega Jumper Trampoline website CLICK HERE

(4) SpringFree 10ft Medium Round R79 Trampoline with FlexrHoop and FlexrStep

The lack of the springs and an exposed frame make this trampoline the best option for families with the top concern for safety. Cost of trampoline balanced by good safety features. Assistance with assembly provided by online videos and tutorials.


  • No Springs, Fiberglass rod technology replaces springs
  • Frame beneath the jumping surface
  • 30 X more soft absorbent- Softedge Mat
  • FlexrHoop- included in combo package
  • Flexrstep included in combo package
  • 250 jump weight.


  • Safety. Over 90% of product related injuries are eliminated with the use of Springfree Technology.
  • Softer bounce due to round construction
  • The FlexiNet contains flexible rods that respond and cushion jumpers that helps to prevent falls off the trampoline.


  • There have been a few complaints as to the trampoline assembly process.Potential buyers should be aware of such issues associated with self-assembly
  • Price is high but this when put into context of safety features makes it a valuable investment.

Click HERE to visit product website.

(5) AlleyOop 14ft Variable Bounce Trampoline with Integrated Safety Enclosure

The AlleyOop Trampoline by JumpSport is one of the safest trampolines on the market today. Created with family fun in mind, it was manufactured by a company with a CEO who was seeking a way to protect his children, while letting them have a fun all at the same time.

While there are certainly other cheaper trampolines of the same size currently on the market, the AlleyOop trampoline is by far one of the safest trampolines in the world.

So if you want to protect your children from injury or harm of any kind, then this is the trampoline you want to get!


  • Available in three different sizes, this is the first and only single-bed trampoline that can be tuned for different age, weight, and skill levels.
  • It has airshock technology, as well as a patented 3X fail safe enclosure. This guarantees that your small children will not fall off of the trampoline, even if they bounce over to the edge by mistake.
  • 14 feet in diameter (24% larger play area/jumping surface than a 9′ x 16′ rectangular trampoline).


  • The frame is galvanized and powder-coated and backed by a Lifetime warranty
  • Durability: The trampoline is so sturdy. ” We have large groups jumping all the time and you can really feel the quality “.


  • Most owners stated that you definitely need help assembling this trampoline. Moreover, owners say that while it takes some time to get the AlleyOop DoubleBounce Trampoline together, it is worth it. The reason why it takes so much time is because of all the safety features.

To visit web page and read more customer reviews – CLICK HERE.

(6) Springfree® 11ft Trampoline – S113 Large Square With FlexrHoop and FlexrStep

At least with respect to SpringFree Trampolines,this model represents the best of the best. World’s safest trampoline.Patented rod based system – No dangerous or harmful springs. Designed for enormous yards and kids (and adults!) of every age.


  • Patented rod construction – important for safety and stability
  • No padding because it’s not needed. Other trampolines need to have padding on the outside. If they don’t, the metal frame is right next to you, and if you land on it, you will get injured.There’s no padding here because where the trampoline ends, the enclosure begins. You can use the entirety of the trampoline safely instead of having to tiptoe around the edges.
  • Unmatched durability
  • Weight limit : 250 pounds can be supported on this trampoline. It’s just not recommended that anyone over 250 pounds bounce on it. (As a comparison, many other trampolines don’t have a weight limit of 250 pounds total.)
  • Video assembly instructions : Have you ever started assembling something via pictures, only to get stuck on a certain one? If you can’t figure it out, then you’re out of luck, because if you do it incorrectly, the rest of the structure won’t be able to be put together correctly.Springfree has a complete video tutorial on how to set up every single aspect of the trampoline. You just scan the QR code on the box and you’re taken to a video where a professional guides you along the assembly process.
  • A Flexrstep ladder – Springfree makes its trampolines a bit higher off of the ground to accommodate more powerful bounces, so a ladder is handy, even if you don’t think you need it.
  • A Flexrstep basketball hoop – Remember, because of the 250 pounds weight limit, you can get full-fledged dunk contests going.


Price.The features previously described do’nt come cheap.

Further details about this particular SpringFree trampoline can be obtained from its web page by CLICKING HERE.


If you are looking for a great way to have fun and get plenty of enjoyable exercise, then a trampoline is exactly what you need.

Consider your needs carefully, do plenty of research. Finding the best trampoline doesn’t have to be a chore. Our trampoline product reviews and buying guide will help you find the right model for your needs and your budget.

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