Lesson 11

Exercise Options For Obese Adults


It doesn’t matter how much you cut your calories, you’ll get faster results if you exercise properly (and consistently) at the same time.

There are many fad diets that claim you can lose weight without exercise,but the truth is the body was designed to move. You don’t have to jump into a full-blown fitness guru mode, but you do need to start getting more daily activity into your routine.

You can start by walking or doing a light aerobics training a few times each week. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply start getting out and moving more so you speed up the fat burning process and get your metabolism into a higher gear.

Use this diagram of an adult exercise pyramid illustrated below as a reference for your future activity / exercise routines and guideline :

Use this diagram of an adult exercise pyramid illustrated below as a reference for your future activity / exercise routines and guideline :

Control your diet and exercise, and you’ll soon see the results. It sounds easy, and it might be easy for some. However, a lot people who are battling with obesity and want to lose weight find initiating the exercise part tough, especially when they haven’t worked out much, or at all, in their entire life.

For others,however, it is just not possible to move well, due to their extreme excess weight or a very long term sedentary lifestyles. In such cases it becomes extremely important to start slowly and comfortably.

Someone might approach the initial stages with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto, only to find that their body aches and pains in ways that can be a real deterrent to continuing. That might put them off from exercise for a long time and lead to a negative state of mind.

Another real issue for those who are extremely heavy is that moving may just be difficult, if not, impossible. Knee, joint and foot pain are all concerns.

So what is the ideal way to proceed ? 

Seeking professional advice is definitely to be encouraged. However,whatever the course of action chosen,it must be simple, slow and easy.

If you are obese, your joints are carrying a lot of extra weight, and your bones might be brittle too. You can easily stress them, which can cause several short and long-term injuries.

Similarly, there might be misalignments and muscular imbalances in the body structure because of a highly sedentary lifestyle. This means that muscles need to work harder in order to keep the structure stable.

This is even more dangerous when those muscles are not used to working at all!

Many people also have a reduced range of motion of joints, making some activities tougher for them.

Here are the Best Exercise Options for a controlled and efficient start of this phase of your new lifestyle:



Walking is a completely free and potentially fun exercise. Head out to your neighborhood park, street or anywhere you like.

Feel free to explore the city or your favourite walk on your home treadmill.

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Many prefer the outdoors, but, everyone has his or her own preferences. Some walks are extremely interesting.

Walking is a low impact and simple exercise. Just make sure that you walk as briskly as you can. No need to rush, all you have to do is to ensure that it is a walk and not a stroll. Start with a time limit at which you are comfortable, and slowly increase it. An increment of 10 or more minutes every week will work.

Once you can walk comfortably for 30 minutes continuously, start increasing your pace a bit. A walk every alternate day initially will be ideal. Later on, as you become more proficient at this wonderful skill, you can walk 5 days a week. Keep yourself hydrated and no snacks from the hot dog stand.


Workouts At Home

For those who really have a hard time moving due to extreme obesity or just to add more exercise while watching TV, several workouts can be done from the couch.

First, getting some lightweight free weights and doing bicep curls is a great way to get the blood pumping.

Another option is leg lifts that can be done while laying on your side on the floor or by simply lifting your legs in front of you while sitting on the couch.

[ Photo by Brad Garrison ]


Swimming / Acqua Aerobics

Joining a swimming class will be the ideal way to start.

Swimming can be perfect for those who are willing to learn the skill as it works all parts of the body and doesn’t put any strain on the joints.

Although, if you don’t want to devote time and pick up a new, potentially challenging skill, there is another alternative that works well too ie Acqua Aerobics:The buoyant force of the water reduces the stress on your joints and makes the movements easier to perform, and the water itself resists the movements, making this type of aerobics exercise an effective workout routine.

Many places also offer water yoga classes. They can make you gain flexibility quicker,especially if you find performing yoga poses extremely challenging.


Portable Peddlers

A great piece of fitness equipment is the Portable Peddler. This machine can be used while sitting down and can be done from anywhere.

Peddle for 7 minutes, rest for 5, then peddle again. Increase time as fitness levels increase.

The pedal exerciser is often termed as a mini exercise bike. This is because it resembles the pedal portion of the exercise bike as opposed to the whole bike. It is a great tool for exercising when you have a crazy,inflexible daily work schedule and not a lot of extra time.

Whether you are a student or you work long hours at the office, a pedal exerciser is easy to use and space efficient. Its operation is quite simple, you simply set it up at your feet and pedal away while still taking care of business at the office. You may even set it up on the table in your private time to exercise your hands and upper body.


2 Models we particularly recommend are :

(i) DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser

  • Has a very smooth and quiet operation
  • Low height to fit nicely under office desks
  • The display offers lots of information regarding the workout
  • The exerciser is easy to use
  • The resistance setting on the exerciser is adjustable
  • Very favourable customer reviews and feedback
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(ii) Deluxe Folding Exercise Peddler (By Drive Medical)

  • Lightweight pedal exerciser that is easy to fold and move
  • The electronic display adds functionality
  • The rubber pads are helpful to avoid scratching the floor
  • The exerciser comes almost fully assembled, all you have to do is tighten some screws
  • The exerciser is sturdy and durable, made for extended use.
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Exercise Equipments : Treadmills, Exercise Bikes,

Elliptical Trainers, and Recumbent Eliptical Machines.

This is a very important option for adults who are overweight or obese and are eagerly looking for ways to drastically improve their fitness and health through regular and efficient exercise methods.

In fact this topic is so important the account which follows for the various exercise equipments described in the above heading should only be considered as a kind of basic introduction to what will be described and recommended in the ‘Product Reviews– Publications &Equipments section of the weekly newsletters.

Treadmills for Home Use :

Buying a home treadmill is a smart move that allows you to work out at your convenience and become fitter and healthier. It’s not an exaggeration that sensible and faithful use of a good-quality home treadmill can change your life.

The best treadmills for home use offer everything a high-end gym treadmill can provide, and, given the extraordinary convenience, you can set and attain more ambitious fitness goals than ever before.

[ Our detailed and comprehensive review of Treadmills for home use is included in Newsletter Issue No.2, pages 30-33 inclusive.]


[ Our detailed and comprehensive review of Exercise (Stationaery) Bikes is included in Newsletter Issue No.3, pages 24-27 inclusive.]


Exercise (Stationary) Bikes :

Biking is also a low impact activity that won’t be harsh on your joints. However, riding a real bike requires balance and some basic training, and a few falls while training are inevitable me to your lifestyle and that of your family (and friends!).

That might be problematic for some people as their hands and wrists might not be able to support the extra body weight with the likelihood that the fun ends with a visit to the A&E  department.

However, smart humans have invented this machine known as a stationary bike, no balancing required! Just sit and paddle.

Riding a stationary bike is a great way to start burning calories. Go slow at first and then progress as you get more fit and build endurance.

You can find many different types of stationary bikes in the market. Some of them might not be comfortable for everyone because of the tiny seats, but many models have padded chairs with a backrest. This will be ideal for those who are extremely obese as it will prevent back pain too.

Elliptical Trainers & Elliptical Recumbant Machines :

Elliptical Trainers offer the same movement patterns as jogging without any of the stress caused by the striking of the foot on the ground. This is extremely important as some people who are transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle might have brittle bones.

If you don’t have space at your home to keep one, or if it is out of your budget, you can head to any gym. Most gyms keep a couple of elliptical trainers at least since they are popular, and their popularity is well justified. They constitute a safe and an extremely effective method of cardio training.

Recumbent Elliptical Machines provide another great method of exercise for those that have a hard time moving and walking. These offer a complete elliptical cardio workout whilst being seated.


These machines offer a full body workout that works the arms and legs and increases heart rate for fat burning with the low impact of sitting whilst performing the workout.

[ Our detailed and comprehensive review of Elliptical Trainers & Recumbent Elliptical Machines is included in Newsletter Issue No.4, pages 23-26 inclusive.]



Yoga (and Pilates) are body-conditioning programs known worldwide for their effectiveness.Not only will they help you burn calories, they will also increase your range of motion and correct body alignment, making you more comfortable with your body. However, don’t expect results in a week.

A detailed and comprehensive review of Yoga which includes

  • Its benefits for helping to treat obesity and promote weight loss
  • recommended publications to purchase especially for new learners
  • recommended equipments and accessories to consider

is included in Newsletter Issue 5, commencing on page 23.

Personal Trainer

Could a personal trainer help you shed pounds ?

Working out will help you to burn more calories in a daybut when done correctly, it should also help you to improve your body’senergy efficiency so that it burns more calories even when you’re at rest.

This is what a good personal trainer can help you to do.

A personal trainer really can accelerate your progress – which is why almost every celebrity who needs to get into shape will use one. If Sylvester Stallone still sees it fit to use a personal trainer, then you can probably benefit from one as well! And if you’re not using one? Then there’s a good chance you’re massively limiting your potential for rapid weight loss and muscle gains!


What Can a Personal Trainer do for You?

While personal trainers all offer pretty much the same service, it’s important still to recognize that they’re all different and that they all provide slightly different services and advice.

As with many of the tools on this list then, alot of this will come down to personal preference and to finding the right person for your specific personality and training goals.

Still though, you should also be able to tell the difference between a good personal trainer and one who doesn’t deserve your money.This means you should know what a personal trainer can do for you.

To begin with, a good personal trainer should start out with a consultation so that they can get an understanding of who you are and how you currently train. They should ask

  • Your previous training experience
  • About your general health
  • About what kind of training you enjoy and
  • About what you hope to achieve and in what kind of timescale.

By the end, they should have a complete picture of you and should then discuss a training plan with you that you can both agree on. Notice that once again, the emphasis is on coming up with something that is tailored to the individual.

Everyone is different and while some people will benefit from doing lots of squats, other people might find leg extensions and running offers them more benefits. Other people won’t be able to do any of those things!

A great personal trainer should take these individual differences into account and shouldn’t let their own personal preferences get in the way or color their decisions. If your personal trainer doesn’t seem to be listening to you then you should look elsewhere right away!

Once you’ve agreed on your training programme, your personal trainer (PT) should then be able to help you through your workouts. They will provide one-on-one advice and guidance and will be on hand to help you with your technique and to encourage you when you’re low on motivation. Furthermore, they should be constantly adapting to what’s working and what’s not working – keeping an eye on your technique, watching your energy levels and learning more about you as time passes.

If you’re an absolute beginner, then a PT will show you the basics of working out and how to use the various equipment in the gym. If you’re a seasoned pro’ however, they should show you how to get more out of that equipment and also they should push you in ways you couldn’t push yourself.

The best way to find out if a personal trainer is likely to be a good match for you then is to have that consultation and to see what they say. You might even be able to have a trial session first before you commit – and make sure you’re not tied into a lengthy contract.

Personal trainers can be a highly beneficial tool but unfortunately they’re not particularly well regulated – so you’ll need to use a little common sense to avoid wasting your time and,of course,cash.

Do You Really NEED a Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers can be expensive though and you certainly don’t absolutely need one in most cases. If you can afford it, then they can act like a ‘gastric band’ for your enthusiasm – preventing you from cutting corners and forcing you into that uncomfortable zone.

They just don’t come with the same health risks as a gastric band.

However, you can certainly lose weight without a personal trainer too and if you’re low on funds you might prefer to try and go it alone at least at first.

A good tip in this case is to consider signing up to a gym where you can get help from the trainers that work there, to have a one off consultation with a trainer, or to find a training buddy who can help you to feel motivated at the gym.

If your training partner is more experienced than you, then you’ll have the added advantage of being able to get tutelage and advice from them – and hopefully they won’t charge you for it if you’re friends.

A personal trainer is a great addition to your weight loss goals and can make a huge difference. Unfortunately, they’re also not particularly affordable so many people will want to try some of the other tools mentioned during this 6 week course.

In the meantime, try out this 12 minute HD Video personal trainer  1- to -1 class !

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