How to avoid Child Obesity

Child obesity in America isn’t just embarrassing for your child but it is also dangerous to the health of the child. Looking into the eyes of your little one, you see the pain they have after surviving a long day at school. Even though they are just six years old, other kids love to make fun of them every day. Don’t put your child through this because even as an adult, they will remember everything that happened in their school. I’ve seen many adults who developed “emotional scars” because of what had happened in the past. Even if you need to take your child out of school for a few weeks to help them lose weight, it will be well worth it. You could always opt for homeschooling if you have the time.




Why is child obesity in America everywhere around us?

Good question. There are many reasons why we see children who are above their weight scale. One of the reasons why is because they do not have the knowledge on how to lose weight. Everything lies in the hands of their parents and those around them. They also don’t have the power to say no to something they want. For example, if someone presents your child with a delicious cheesecake – your child will forget right away that they have weight problems and will go to eat that cheesecake. They haven’t established any ground to put their foot down. Besides, most kids don’t have much of an attention span these days. This is the sad truth of child obesity in America but in order to help your child, you will really need to become involved.

If you are a parent who works too much, you may want to hire a nanny who knows how to cook healthy food or at least can make healthy food choices at the store for them. Another option would be to put healthy snacks in the fridge and the nanny can make sure your child only eats that. You might have a kid who is mischievous and sneaks into the freezer to get ice-cream.

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