GREEN COFFEE BEAN (Max) – A Valid Weight Loss Supplement OR Just Pure Hype ?

Green coffee seems to be the new rage in the slimming world at present. There are countless websites offering green coffee and a legion forums where people ask questions and answer about the efficiency and validity of green coffee with respect to losing weight. 

According to one manufacturer and distributor, a cup of green coffee a day would reduce the Body Mass Index (BMI) by 8%, on average.
However, is  green coffee really an effective tool for weight loss and/or weight management ?

Let’s discuss all the facts available in order that we can at least make a tentative conclusion :

What is Green Coffee ?

In essence, traditional green coffee is actually nothing more or less than coffee beans which have not been roasted. Coffee beans are naturally light brown, dark brown, reddish, green or grayish. They become brown-black to black due to the roasting process. Since green coffee beans are not burnt, certain nutrients remain. For example, green coffee contains more phenols and terpenes (eg cafestol and kahweol) than roasted coffee product.

Hence,Green coffee is therefore nothing new; It’s simply non-roasted coffee beans. When picking coffee beans, they are usually grey-green to brownish brown in color. Only after burning, coffee beans get their typical brown-black to pitch black color and strong aromatic odor. The original idea behind green coffee is that coffee beans which have not been roasted retain much more of their natural nutrients.

 Weight Loss Considerations

From what has previously been described, we may safely deduce that Green coffee may very well then contain more nutrients than black coffee; However,that does not explain why green coffee should/would help reduce weight loss . It is possible that green coffee beans slow the body’s metabolism. This is not scientifically  proven. By nature,Phenols and terpenes are not by  important in weight loss..

Furthermore,the commercially popular green coffee brands,  (for example Leptin Green Coffee 800 and LipoLysin), are in fact not made of green coffee beans at all ! In addition, the green coffee, known as ‘slimming coffee’and other popular varieties of green coffee do not even have anything to do with green coffee beans !

Green slimming coffee usually consists of green tea leaves with all the additional ingredients added . These are additions that give green “coffee” its slimming effect. Examples of added’ingredients’ in slimming coffee are herbs, caffeine, lingzhi, ginseng, cassia seed, guarana, green tea extract, ECGC, Svetol® and chromium.Thus ‘green coffee’ is not really coffee at all, to re-iterate what was mentioned earlier. To add more surprising details on this article, it is important to state that many types of green slimming coffee do not match any coffee beans. They are usually made from green tea (tea-leaf leaves) and not from coffee beans !

Ingredients of Slimming Coffee

Of course,each particular brand/variety of slimming coffee has its own composition which it considers it uniques and separates it from others as regards quality considerations. That being said, common ingredients in the most popular slimming coffee products include :

  • Unfired Arabica coffee beans
    Lingzhi & Ginseng
    Caffeine & cassia seed
    Chrome & Guarana
    Green tea extract (eg ECGC )Many people believe in the value of slimming coffee because it contains an important  ingredient Caffeine. This is widely regarded as a metabolic accelerator. It explains why caffeine is incorporated into all kinds of fat burners , staplers, diet pills and other slimming products.

It should also be noted that because of the ‘tea nature’ of green coffee, it is common to discover manufacturers and suppliers – especially online- who do not hesitate to deliberately exaggerate the ppositive effects of green coffee to the extent that they are quite willing to add ilegal ingredients to bolster their promotional activities. So caution is ALWAYS advised before deciding to purchase, especially from on-line markets with questonable backgrounds.

That being said, there are millions of people who order and drink green coffee and slimming coffee daily and swear by its success.

We do not criticize them for their conclusions,after all there are No detrimental side effects associated with this particular type of weight loss supplement.What we would suggest is that you

(1) stick to brand products

(2) follow attentively the instructions for use and DO’NT exceed the recommended daily intake !

(3) treat it as a supplement to your weight loss / fat reduction programme RATHER THAN a substitute for this programme. This will ensure that you will derive the maximum benefit available from this supplement.

One source of this product for present (or future) purchase is available by clicking the link HERE. 

We obtain a small commission when you click this link but are motive when writing this review was first and foremost to present to you an impartial judgement. The manufacture/s do NOT sponsor us in any manner of form nor do they sponsor our website which is 100% owned by us.

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