Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Borromeo Obesity & Overweight Management programme ?

This is a 6-week, interactive on-line course designed to help and teach sufferers of obesity and overweight problems by promoting healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes.

Why is the Borromeo programme any different from the weight loss programmes,diets & products you dismiss ?

In the first place, it will actually work! Secondly,it is based on the fundamental principle applicable to any project, objective, ambition for which you seek success, namely it shows you not only the importance of establishing goals BUT ALSO how to construct your goals.

So what led to the creation of this programme ?

A desire to be able to ALWAYS be in a position to manage my own weight and help those who cannot do this and so are left helplessly at the mercy of diet programmes, outrageous dieting plans and false products which mislead,deceive and ultimately create more problems and anguish.

What are the components of this programme ?

For the duration of the course,the subscriber receives 3 lessons a week plus 1 weekly newsletter.The lessons arrive on alternate days whilst the newsletter is available for download from a specified link at the begining of each week.

Does the programme encourage you to purchase special foods,drugs or supplements ?

Certainly not.

Does the programme provide information on how to make positive and healthy behaviour changes ?

Most definitely..

With this programme can I lose 5-10lbs per week ?

No. This goal isn’t completely realistic. If you set a goal like this, you are in effect setting yourself up for failure. Our course emphasizes the importance of setting yourself realistic goals AND how to achieve them as mentioned previously. From our experience,a more realistic goal is 1-2 pounds per week.

Do subscribers to the Borromeo programme have to follow a specific meal plan and/or keep food records ?

No. What you will learn as you progress through the course over the 6 weeks is that by following easy-to-understand principles and taking advantage of the endless alternatives,’following a specific meal plan’ is not applicable to this programme. Furthermore, ‘keeping food records’ is nothing new.What this course will ensure you do is that you do this instinctively because you know what are healthy food choices!

It’s all very well losing weight over a period of time but can this programme help me to sustain weight loss or at least curtail a rapid increase ?

Again we refer you back to the ‘teaching’ aspect of this programme.When you are taught something in class,the aim is that you learn and by putting it into practice – without delay.What you learn from our programme will “stand you in go stead” for the future not least because the programme teaches behavioural changes.These changes comprise what you eat,when you eat and how you eat.Coupled to this is instruction on adopting a healthy lifestyle.There is no doubt that the aforementioned attributes go a long way to ensuring that your weight loss objective will be sustainable in the future.

What is the difference between the Standard and Premium membership levels ?

Both these membership levels include the 6 week on-line course which costs $97.00.However, with the ‘Premium’ option, the subscriber has continued access to the on-line content of the course (including new content additions).

This on-going subscription costs $9.99 per month and is automatically deducted. It can be terminated whenever the subscriber decides.

If there is one feature of this programme that you consider unique ,what would it be ?

Its interactive nature. Let me explain: We teach our members.When we teach our members,they understand what the problem is – its origins,the myths,the manifestations and the consequences. Our members learn because they INVOLVED in the learning process.This means that it is easier for them to understand not only what is harming them BUT ALSO understand the recommended course of action/s which will guarantee the most effective remedy.“Interactivity” takes on a number of roles in our programme.The lessons include illustrative presentations (e.g.infographs),tables,charts,images, powerpoint presentations as well as videos.Furthermore, each lesson terminates with a test/quiz so as to ensure that the ‘student’ has grasped at least the fundamental theme presented in that lesson.Learning is all the more easier when it is fun and enjoyable.Hence as regards the newsletter component of the programme,a crossword puzzle (also complementing the contents of that newsletter) is include for every edition.There is no other way our members can even begin to achieve their objective/s if they cannot or do’nt want to get involved with our programme by following it diligently. Other programmes (and we have studied lots of them) just give you instructions,references,advice with limited reasoning and then expect their student to carry on.Such a style only results in demoralizing the student as he/she does not see tangible evidence of his/her work over a period of time.