Lesson 1

What Is Obesity ?Obesity is a medical condition where persons have too much body fat that is difficult to control through dieting and can be contributed to by both genetic and environmental factors.Obesity is identified when one has a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or greater.The American Medical Association classified it as a disease … Read more

Lesson 2

Emotional and Psychological Implications Of Adult & Childhood ObesityThe Social Stigma There is a huge social stigma and quite a bit of prejudice in the United States towards the overweight. As a society we worship anorexic models, and hot beach bodies. Any shape that strays from that ideal is usually viewed at best in a … Read more

Lesson 3

Health Consequences of Obesity in Children & TeenagersAlmost 3,700 kids and teens under age 20 are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes each year as a result of obesity.And, it is projected that by 2050, the number of teen diabetics will increase by nearly 50% to more than 84,000.45% of children who are diagnosed with type … Read more

Lesson 4

STAYING MOTIVATED People say that motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily!  Zig Ziglar Motivation is powerful and but as the quote above said – it doesn’t last.When motivation lags you need good old fashioned, butt kicking self-discipline to keep you on track.(If your self-discipline is lagging I’ve got … Read more

Lesson 5

Health Consequences of Obesity In Adults​​Before we dig into the main theme of this lesson,let us first talk about STRESS and your Stress Levels.It isn’t just something you feel.It’s not just that anxious feeling and tightness in your chest.When you’re stressed your body releases stress hormones.Cortisol, for example.And it’s not just work and relationship type … Read more

Lesson 6

Top Causes / Risk Factors ForChildhood ObesityLet’s start by getting one thing understood without any doubts by considering the following sobering and soul-searching summary: 1 out of every 10 children in the UK and 1 out of every 5 children in the US are hugely over weight.This is not just a problem for these two … Read more

Lesson 7

Weight Loss Options for Adults (Part 1) ​Why Weight Loss Is Hard To AchieveWeight loss is a simple concept that a lot of people are having a hard time achieving. It seems to be quite simple, exercise + proper nutrition = weight loss, right? Well, it is that simple in a nutshell but a lot of … Read more

Lesson 8

Weight Loss Options for Obese & Overweight Adults (Part 2)​The Agony of Finding Diet Tools That Work. Beware Of The Cash Grabs and ScamsThe first thing to be on the look-out for when assessing whether a tool is worth your time and money is decide if it’s just another cash-grab or scam trick. You need to … Read more

Lesson 9

What Parents Can Do To PreventChildhood Obesity (Part 1)In my opinion,the most appropriate manner in which to introduce today’s lesson 9 is by firstly presenting to ALL you parents a BBC News website article written in March of last year by their health editor James Gallagher :Parents ‘rarely spot child obesity’By James Gallagher Health editor, … Read more

Lesson 10

Belly Fat & The ConsequencesIf there is one issue/topic that is guaranteed to whip up emotions, anxieties,frustration and, of course, embarrassment it is the matter of belly fat AND how to get rid of it – permanently.Belly Fat is not discriminatory, it affects men, women and children.Belly fat gets you noticed ! No matter what … Read more

Lesson 11

Exercise Options For Obese AdultsINTRODUCTIONIt doesn’t matter how much you cut your calories, you’ll get faster results if you exercise properly (and consistently) at the same time.There are many fad diets that claim you can lose weight without exercise,but the truth is the body was designed to move. You don’t have to jump into a full-blown … Read more

Lesson 12

What Parents Can Do To Prevent Childhood Obesity (Part 2)​Last week in Lesson 9 we began to discuss the important role parents could and had to play in order to prevent their children suffering from overweight problems and,worse still,obesity.In that lesson we mentioned, amongst other issues, the importance of knowledgeTeaching by example and Starting a … Read more

Lesson 13

OBESITY & PREGNANCY​Risks Related To Obesity And Pregnancy – How Can It Affect You & Your Baby ?There are many health conditions and various problems that can occur as a result of being obese – a medical condition where the body has a large amount of excess fat.In fact, obesity related conditions, such as, heart … Read more

Lesson 14

Obesity Treatment MethodsBariatric SurgeryThe human body has evolved from being a tool to substantiate life to being a statement. It is not just about survival but rather about beauty, prosperity, health, and class.The visual aspect of an individual is pretty much what a person notices about anybody in any sphere of work in today’s times.Therefore, … Read more

Lesson 15

Encouraging Exercise for KidsThere are reasons to explain WHY obesity rates in kids have tripled since the 1960s. One of the most significant is that kids don’t play outside like they used to. Technology with all its good has its negatives and one of those is that kids plug in from the time they get … Read more

Lesson 16

The Doughnut Diet, The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) ; The Franken FoodsThe e-mail that accompanied this lesson gave you an overview as regards why The Doughnut Diet (or if you prefer The ‘Donut’ Diet) is not good for you,at least from the aspect of adopting a healthy diet.Now let’s consider what you can learn from … Read more

Lesson 17

The Good Fats Guide​The primary objective of this lesson is to teach you what you need to know about Good Fats, Bad Fats and their significance for your weight management goals and general good health and well-being.However,before we start, let’s make it clear once and for all a dietary myth about fat :If you are fat, … Read more

Lesson 18

Helping An Obese Child & What Schools Can Do​Effects Of Obesity On ChildrenObesity in kids can lead to Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, early heart problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and bone problems are and other related conditions.It can cause sleeping problems, body aches, acne, and loss of energy and stamina.A big side effect is … Read more