5 Most Common Causes Of Obesity


There are without a doubt a variety of different factors that can lead directly and/or indirectly to obesity. These can be  genetic, hormonal or behavioural.

It is understood precisely why some people become obese whilst others don’t even when they have similar lifestyles. One school of thought suggests it’s because people utilize/burn calories differently. For many, being overweight begins in childhood and extends into adulthood.

Obesity was classified as a disease by the American Medical Association in 2013, and is treated as such by the medical profession. The development and success of Bariatric Surgery is a testament to how serious it is studied and the desire of the medical profession to help the obese lose weight because this particular patient class cannot do it on their own.

Generally speaking obesity is the result of eating more calories than you are burning. Here are 5 of the most common behavioural characteristics  that can lead to this disease manifesting itself :


When you aren’t active you don’t burn many calories. And if you are like me and work from home it’s very easy to eat more than you realize. Add that to the fact you aren’t doing much exercise then inactivity can without a doubt lead to obesity.

2).Bad Eating Habits

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. If your daily diet includes McDonald’s for breakfast and lunch,then that’s not good. Yes McDonald’s has healthy options but very few of us actually order them.
In order to really eat healthy you will need to cook more and eat out less. Focus on getting lots of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet. Gradually, aim to eliminate or at least reduce your fast food consumption. By ‘gradually’ I mean start to limit consumption to two or three times a week.

3).A Lack Of Sleep

Most people have no idea how important getting enough sleep is every single night. When you are asleep it is at that time your body repairs itself. When you don’t get enough sleep you leave yourself vulnerable to things such as hormone changes and an increase in appetite. Both of these things can lead to you eating more and gaining weight.

4).Certain Medications

There are certain medications that can cause you to gain weight. Some of the most common examples include anti-seizure medications, corticosteroids, beta blockers, anti-depressants and diabetes medications to name a few. One way to combat problem this is through diet and exercise. Try to eat clean as much as possible. You should also try to get at least 4 hours of exercise every week. [Eating ‘clean’ involves avoiding the bad habits described in a previous section].

5).Health Issues

If you suffer from certain health issues it may lead to you gaining quite a bit of weight. Diseases such as Cushing’s syndrome can cause weight gain as can Arthritis. Not because of the condition itself but because it can make it difficult to do certain activities. You become less active and therefore start to gain weight which can lead to obesity as time passes.

Please bear in mind that a low metabolism is not likely to lead to obesity neither a low thyroid function. If you have a medical issue and you notice you are starting to gain weight, speak with your physician. Find out if it’s the condition or the medications being used to treat the condition. You should also discuss  with him/her what can be done to prevent a substantial amount of weight gain.

As stated before, one of the best options you can do to adopt to combat obesity is eat a healthy also refered to as eating ‘clean’ utilizing a Well-balanced diet on a regular basis. The key is to be consistent. No, you don’t have to eat healthy everyday but you should try to do so at least 3-4 times a week.


Before going onto review a publication I would advise you to add to your collection of good health and diets publications,here is an illustrative summary of what has been described in this article  :






This book will almost certainly influence if not drastically alter the reader’s conceptions about what to eat and how to lose weight.Without doubt, you will be more knowledgeable as to how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by fulfilling your nutrition goals and weight loss targets.

About the Author

Dr.Jason Fung is a consultant nephrologist (kidney specialist) who practices in Toronto,Canada where he formed the Intensive Dietary Management Programme for obese people with type-2 diabetes. He is also a member of the Physicians for Ancestral Health. This is a group of doctors who are interested in the application of whole food diets to common diseases.He is a renowned person for his leadership in applying intermittent fasting principles to aid weight loss.

Beyond the Cover

The author focusses solely on obesity with the take home message being how INSULIN RESISTANCE upsets our body’s delicately balanced hormonal network. According to Dr.Fung,”Insulin Resistance is nothing less than the driving force behind most diseases of civilization” from heart disease to cancer to Alzheimer’s disease”.

It follows from this that even if at present one’s weight is ‘normal’, you can still have insulin resistance that could very well leave you at risk for serious ill-health later on in life.

Therefore this book is for you if you fall into any of the following categories if:

  • you gain weight easily
  • you gain weight easily despite exercising regularly and not overeating
  • you have trouble losing weight even when following a low-carbohydrate diet
  • you want to prevent or reverse pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes
  • you are curious about fasting as a weight loss strategy
  • you have an insulin-resistant condition, such as Pre-diabetes, Fatty Liver, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, “High Cholesterol”, pre-Alzheimer’s, or Erectile Dysfunction
  • you are a health professional who needs to understand how to help people lose weight 
  • you want to know which foods are most damaging to your metabolism and overall health



  • great price, value for money publication
  • common sense and practical approach to food selection
  • explains clearly the principle of fasting which should not be confused with starving !
  • ” Dr Fung provides takes aim at tired myths about weight control and shoots each of them dead, right before your eyes. He convincingly argues that obesity is a hormonal disorder that can only be conquered by eating in a way that brings hormones into balance”. ( Georgia Ede, MD)
  • Amazon rating 4.80


Perhaps a couple of the chapters can be described as overwritten ie too detailed. 


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